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Site Map

Just in case you can’t find what you are looking for in our left navigation bar, we provide a complete site map of KANEG Motorcycle Accessories with category explanations below. The links will take you to the appropriate category directly.

We provide a brief explannation of how to find products by using the left navigation bar or category list.


Bike Stands

Includes our full range of motorbike stands from racing paddock stands for racing and sports bikes, Motocross MX stands to our popular Rollovermate wheel cleaning and servicing stand.

Bike Stand Sub Categories Are:

Front Paddock Stands

Rear Paddock Stands

Head Lift Paddock Stands

Single Swing Arm Stands

Motorbike Transport Stands – Trailermate

MX Stands

Paddock Stand Combinations

Spares and Kits for Bike Stands

Wheel servicing and cleaning - Rollovermate


Combinations – Combos
This is where we offer popular combinations of our products at a discount. Always worth a browse.


Crash Knobs or Frame Sliders.
Often mooted as better protection than your insurance policy, we have arranged these by bike manufacturer and model for ease of identification.


Fairing Fasteners – Quick Release
Tired of the time-consuming task of removing and replacing fairings? These are just the thing, allowing you to remove and replace fairings in a jiffy without the use of tools.


Knee Sliders
Several colours available


Levers – Clutch and Brake
High quality Italian made clutch and brake levers arranged by manufacturer and model to make them easy to find.

Also check lever spares and accessories for those hard to find bits.


Heavy duty and light bi-fold and tri-fold ramps


Rear Sets
Anodised rear sets for a variety of motorcycles arranged by manufacturer and model. We also carry a wide range of replacement spares.


This is where you will find the special of the month. Please come back frequently as there will be as new special every month.


Also called bobbins or spindles, the spools are fitted to the rear swing arms as purchasing points for lifting the rear subassembly of a motorcycle with a rear stand


Tyre warmers
We offer a selection of Tyre Warmers:

Digital Tyre Warmers
Adjustable tyre warmers to suit your style and need

Non Digital Tyre Warmers
Made in Italy by the people that supply leading Moto GP and Superbike teams. Designed to provide optimum temperatures for racing applications.


Valves 90°
It is so much easier to inflate your tyres while everything is still sizzling hot.  Allows easy access for warm tyre inflation.


This is where we list everything available by motorbike manufacturer. If products are applicable to a particular model and year it will be noted in the listing.


Listing of the very popular KANEG Mates range of products.


This is where we list all products, motorcycle bling, tools, spares and other accessories that could not be grouped into a specific category above or where we feel that you may not necessarily look for an item in the above categories, it is repeated under Other for your convenience.
Sub-categories in Other are: 

Bar Ends


Fuel Caps

Flat Platforms

Front Stands

Head Lifting Stands

Head Lift to Under Fork conversions for front stands

Hex tool for front axle

Hydraulic Brake Switch

Lock Nuts

Tie Downs

MX Dirt Bike Block (seal saver)

Rear Hooks (rear stand spares)

Rear sets Spares

Rear Stands

Swing Arm Protectors

Single Swing Arm Stands

Transport Stands – Front Wheel Chock

Head lift Stand Extra Pins

Under Fork to Head Lift conversions for front stands

Wheel balancer static


Postage NSW Overnight

Postage QLD Express

Alphabetical list of all our Motorbike accessories tools and spares. Just scroll down to find the product you need.


90° Valves


Bar Ends

Bike Stands

Bike Stand Combinations

Bike Wheel Cleaning Roller Stands



Brake Levers

Brake Lever Remote Adjuster

Brake Switch - Hydraulic


Cargo Straps

Chock Stand

Clothing Stand

Clutch Levers



Crash Knobs

Cross Tree Pins For Head Lift Stands

Digital Tyre Warmers

Dirt Bike Block

Dirt Bike Seal Saver


Fairing Fasteners

Flat Platforms

Foot Brake Lever

Foot Pegs

Foot Peg Spares

Frame Sliders

Front Stand

Front and Rear Stand Combinations

Front Stand  Head Lift

Front Stand Head Lift to Under Fork Conversion

Front Stand Under Fork

Front Stand Under Fork Pinned Platform

Front Stand Under Fork to Head Lift Conversion

Front Stand Under Fork Lifting Prongs

Front Stand Under Fork Pins

Front Stand Spares

Front Tyre Warmer

Fuel Caps

Gear Shift Rods

Head Lift Conversions

Head Lift Front Stand

Head Lift Front Paddock Stand

Head Lift Pins

Head Lift Stand

Head Lift to Under Fork Conversion

Heavy Duty Ramps

Heel Plates

Hex Tool


Hooks for Rear Stands

Hydraulic Brake Switch



Knee Sliders


Levers Clutch and Brake

Lever Spares

Loading Ramps

Lock Nuts

Motorbike Transport Stands

Motocross Seal Saver

Motocross Stands

Motorcycle Stands

MV Agusta

MX Dirt Bike Block

MX Stands

MX Ramps

Non Digital Tyre Warmers

Paddock Stand Combinations

Paddock Stand Front

Paddock Stand Front Headlift

Paddock Stand Rear

Paddock Stand Front and Rear Combinations

Postage option NSW

Postage option QLD

Quick Release Fairing Fasteners



Rear Hooks

Rear Paddock Stands

Rear Stands

Rear Stand Single Swing Arm

Rear Sets

Rear Set Brake Lever

Rear Set Foot Peg

Rear Set Gear Lever

Rear Set Heel Plates

Rear Set Spares

Rear Set Toe Pegs


Rear Stands

Rear Stand Hooks

Rear Tyre Warmer


Rose Joints

Single Swing Arm Rear Stands



Static Wheel Balancer


Swing Arm Protectors

Tie Downs

Toe Pegs


Transport stands

Tri-Fold MX Ramp

Triple Clamp Pins for Head Lift Stands


Tyre Warmers Digital

Tyre Warmers Non Digital

Under Fork to Head Lift Conversion

Valves 90°

Wheel Balancer

Wheel Servicing and Cleaning Roller Stands


Yoke Pins For Head Lift Stands