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Front Stands - Paddock Fork Stands

Front Stands

Always locate the stands on a level surface before engaging the motorcycle.

Always engage the Rear Stand then the Front Stand, do not have the motorcycle supported by a front stand only.

Do not sit on the motorcycle whilst the motorcycle is on a stand.

With the motorcycle on a stand and the rear wheel off the ground, do not have the motorcycle in gear or drive the motorcycle rear wheel under acceleration. The Centrifugal & Centripetal Forces created by the rear wheel rotation cannot be restrained by the stand with the result the motorcycle inertia will want to collapse and spin the motorcycle off the stand, this is particularly relevant with a Single Swing Arm Motorcycle on a stand.

At KANEG we offer FIVE options of Front Paddock Stands:

1. The  front paddock Dual Spur stand supports the front fork on two rubberised Spurs that projust from the stand leg and securely supports the base of the front fork (or stanchions) on each side.

2. The Pinned Fork Leg Paddock Stand: particually suited for earlier model Motorcycles with axially-mounted brake Calipers or Single-Sided Calipers.

First check if your motorcycle has a hole under the leg of each Fork to accept the Pins.

Generally, the under Fork dual Spur stand won’t allow for the removal of the front wheel axle.

3. The Under Fork pin Platform Stand, suits motorcycles with a hole under the leg of each Fork to accept the Pins.

These Platforms are galvanised steel with lugs that fit into the hollow base of the front forks or stanchions. Each platform has two different lug length options to suit most motorbikes.

4./5. The KANEG Head Lift front paddock stands are ideal for elevating the front wheel assembly so that not only the wheel can safely be removed but also most of the moving parts like shock absorbers and brakes. The headlift paddock stand fits into the cross tree (also called triple clamp or yoke) with a snuggly fitting pin.

We also carry all spares for KANEG paddock stands.


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