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Brake & Clutch - Lever Spare Parts

Levers Brake & Clutch - Articulated & Adjustable

Levers Brake & Clutch - Articulated & Adjustable


 You are purchasing an after-market set of Kaneg Brake and Clutch Levers, not an OEM set.


 Our levers have functions that OEM levers generally do not have such as:


 * Fully adjustable lever length from a stubby to extra-long, so you can tune our levers to suit your riding style, i.e. 2 fingered use or better leverage.


 * As an adjustable lever our lever gives the Rider a better level of ergonomics to suit small or large hand sizes. Ask any Racer and they will tell you that comfort in the operation of your motorcycle is very important, especially on the track.


 * A more pleasing aesthetic. A CNC Machined Lever has a better-quality finish compared to the cast OEM Lever.


 * Fully Articulated to help protect the lever against breakage if the bike is dropped.


 * 6 click Tension adjustment, which is useful on the Racetrack as the levers be adjusted on the fly, particularly useful to counter Race Brake fade. Road Riders under no circumstances attempt to adjust your levers whilst mobile, only carry our adjustments when stopped.


* Kaneg Levers are CNC Machined, not cast. Generally, a CNC lever will fare better in the event of a fall and is likely to withstand an impact, where the OEM Cast lever is more likely to snap on contact or bend then snap when reshaped.


 * The CNC Lever is less likely to suffer from exposure deterioration against an OEM Cast lever.


 * Generally, the Kaneg Lever is a better economic choice compared to the OEM cast lever.


 Please note:


 Kaneg happily accept Brake and Clutch levers returns, provided the Levers have not been fitted to the Motorcycle.


 At Kaneg we do our best to ensure full compatibility with your specific Motorcycle, BUT before a purchase, please check with your Motorcycle Manufacturer to ensure after-market Levers will suit your particular Motorcycle, as we will not accept a Lever return after the levers are fixed to your Motorcycle.


 If in doubt do not purchase the Kaneg after-market Lever set.