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SkyMate A Stand and lift in One - Motorcycle Skylift delivered to Melbourne or Brisbane

53.00 KGS
Shipping Included
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Product Description

Kaneg SkyMate Motorcycle Lift

Melbourne or Brisbane DELIVERY, please phone or email for deliveries elsewhere 

A Stand and lift in One with multiple different bike positions....

The locating pin height can up to 1.020m above the floor.


Our SkyMate is a multi-purpose Central lift stand and dolly system with the flexibility to Lift the whole Motorcycle 450mm from the floor so you can work on your Pride and Joy or just to wheel your Bike out of harms’ way for storage.


Since 2006 Kaneg has been proudly serving the Motorcycle Racer, Rider and Enthusiast alike.

Contact us at: sales@kaneg.com.au  

Pickups can be organised from our Penrith Warehouse.

For other products visit our website: kaneg motorcycle accessories

Phone Phil 0414968949

Rhys 0414712419


Our Skymate Motorcycle Lift is a Heavy Duty Workshop Stand that doesn’t take as much floor space as a platform table.

Unlike a Bench or Platform Stand the SkyMate can be disassemble if not in use and is easily transported. 

The Skymate is a center lift with a dolly, to lift motorcycles with the supplied hardware and no extra adaptors needed.

An adjustable Carriage width suits most Bikes, the SkyMate is motorcycle work bench and stand all in one, and unlike a bench allows the Mechanic full access and freedom of work space.

The Skymate can also be used as motor stand, or to strip down the bike without the need for a bench.



Good for Bikes up to 500kg in weight,

The Hydraulic Ram has a convenient foot pedal used to raise your Motorcycle up to 450mm above the floor.

The kaneg Skymate Motorcycle Lift is a Universal Center Lift, that suits most Motorcycles without the need for any special coupling adapters.

Suitable for Motorcycles with Centrally located Engine Bolts exposed in the frame to balance the bike whilst raised by the U Adapters.

Depending on the lifting position: the 2 side Adapters are located and secured into the Frame Engine Mount Bolts, then tethered to the Swingarm to elevate the Bike.



Will the Skymate work with your bike?

Please review the photo below, does your bike have these mounting points on both sides?

The 3 connecting pins 18mm or 23mm or 25mm have to be inserted into the frame holes to secure then lift the bike.



Without these mounting points the Skymate Pins will need a small amount of modification to suit your bike. 



The Foot Pedal control of the Hydraulic Ram gives you the freedom of Hand use whist raising your bike.

The SkyMate Lift takes the back ache out of Bike maintenance and cleaning


The Stand base is a 4 swivel Caster Wheeled Dolly, allowing a full 360 degree rotation and Free movement.

The Stand Column has a Locking Caster to hold the stand in place.


The Horizontal lifting position allows you to simply raise the bike with both wheels level like a traditional bench lift.


It is the only stand can Tilt Lift the Bike and have a different height on front or rear wheel.

The Front wheel can be Tilted for working on the front end of your bike and allows access to area's on your bike you would have struggled to get to before.

Similarly the Rear wheel can be Tilted for working on the rear end.

By Tiliting the wheel, will raise the bike end higher off the floor than most workbench's.


The Skymate is Packaged in a ply crate with the approximate dimensions: 120cm x 55cm x 39cm

The Skymate weights in at 48kg Net and 53kg Gross, this means you will need assistance to unload the Courier delivered Box.

Please advise us if you cannot assist as you will need a Hydraulic Tailgate Truck delivery, this Tailgate Truck incurs an $85.00 SURCHARGE.


Black in Stock, your preferred Colour as a special order, please contact us for a price.









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