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EVO Vision - temperature adjustable 40c-120c Capit Tyre Warmers - includes Postage

1.50 KGS
Shipping Included
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Product Description

Kaneg's EVO Vision

These tyre warmer were used by winners of 8 MotoGP world championships

Temperature adjustment:

40 to110 °C

104 to 230 °F

The TNT Technology suersedes  a thermostat

120/17" / <=205/16-17"


manufactured by Capit Italy.

made by Capit in Italy for world wide success.


Our EVO Race Series Warmers include the latest Capit technical upgrades that improve the performance and overall quality

with the innovative TNT Technology - not a thermostat


equipped with a controlbox integrated in the same tyrewarmer of ultra-compact dimensions and made of impact-resistant material.

With only 2 keys it is possible to view the initial set-up temperature (T set) and the actual set-point temperature on the tyres (T run), in addition to being able to choose the displayed temperature in °C o °F.

With the new integrated Timer you will also know at a glance if the tyre is ready to be used on track thanks to the display that will blink after 10 minutes that tyrewarmers has reached the set temperature.




Since 2006 Kaneg has been proudly serving the Motorcycle Racer, Rider and Enthusiast alike.

Contact us at: sales@kaneg.com.au Or for a pickup visit us at 8/51 York Road Penrith 2750.

For other products visit our website: kaneg motorcycle accessories

For further information, please phone:

Phil on 0414968949


Rhys on 0414712419


Main Features

  • Radial heating cable in Teflon for reduced heating time and uniform heat distribution
  • Adjustable heating system 40-110 °C/104-230 °F without thermostat ((in just 30 minutes a constant and homogeneous temperature is obtained on the tire that a normal thermostat is not able to supply. The innovative and patented method consists in weaving every few millimetres a special heating cable on a fabric with a high thermal conducting power, eliminating the thermostat and related problems of inconstant temperature and low durability)
  • New Timer function. After 10 minutes that the tyrewarmer has reached the set temperature, the display blink to indicate that the tyre is evenly heated and is ready to be used
  • Special external coating impermeable to any liquid
  • Anti-wear and fireproof inner lining
  • Silicone power cable resistant up to 200°C
  • Velcro closure
  • Its interior is in HEAT SPREADER fabric (internal fabric, highly conductive, made with specific noble alloys) capable of spreading the heat perfectly
  • Temperature control and regulation system VISION mounted directly on tyrewarmer for greater comfort in management and handling Rack-Box-Pit Lane
  • Spherical shape: a special textile construction that allows you to perfectly follow the tire’s shape and cover the shoulders of the tire more
  • Electric absorption for single tyrewarmer: size S 300 watt – size M 400 watt – size L 500 watt – size XL 600 watt – size XXL 800 watt


Capit Warmers have been designed to offer a practical product that maintains the efficiency required by Amateur Racers and Professional Racers alike.

The Kaneg Warmers offers the best quality to price balance providing a professional performance for a standard price, and which guarantees you an unmatched reliability and durability for years to come.

Unlike other cheaper Warmers, the Kaneg Warmers are a unique "spherical shape" design with side wall 36 pleats (18 per side) that radiate heat from Rim to Rim,

This "spherical shape" ensures the Warmer complies to the wheel & tyre profile to give the best fit of the tyrewarmer to the tyre.


See the Heat signature of our Warmers compared to the older warmer technology used in cheaper brands.




CAPIT has produces its professional tire warmers since 1996 and thanks to the experience, research and tests with the best world championship’s teams (cars and motorcycles) has become a market leader.



This success comes from continuous evolution of products for which our company often has been innovative, introducing new concepts (heat circuit with radial layout, elimination of mechanical thermostats by TNT system), new materials (Fire and Silvertech fabrics) and new technologies (electronic themperature management).



CAPIT manages the study, the development and the implementation of every single product’s part: textile, electric and electronic. Chosen materials, the technologies used and the production methods are excellent and therefore guarantee best performance and reliability.


IF there is a Heat Cable overlap the Warmer Fabric Casing will melt, if holes develop in the warmer inner or outer fabric, these fails are not a manufacturering fault

When not in use do not leave the warmer switched on.

Do not leave the warmers in a bundle/pile or overlapping.

Please take good care of these warmers to ensure a long and useful working life.


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